Waisted /core-sets, Naked Nature -clothing for naked people & more!


Lucid Dawn Designs

                                “...we are all god in drag...” anonymous yogi

           aah, perfect,..we are in the right place then, (smile.. and big deep breath:)

                      - what aspect of yourself would you like to project todaY?-

  Welcome you divine, beautyfull beeings!...  To the wonderful whimsical world of lucid dawn. Like a clear new day rising - you just never know what lovely thing you might see!  We are all about having fun and living life fully here -  in all sorts of stylish and expressive gear!

  Always the kid doing her own thing, Lucid found a welcome avenue of expression in fashion design high school and college.   After spending years across the board in the fashion and  modelling/ acting industries (list/resumes) in Boston and New York, Lucid went to Hollywood to spend some time being fabulous for the big screen.  A perpetual seeker, the veneer of Hollywood was soon passed through and the lure of love and circus life in San francisco was next.. from fiery stilted singing to flying thru the air, Lucid has returned to her roots in fashion and brings yards of worldly knowledge and experience with her to the cutting table.

Yoga, and other shiny things, have been constant threads on her path.  Find them woven together now as part of a fantastic and fashionable story...

You choose the character you want to be...create your own story...

Shine your light!  Celebrate life!  Be the vision. We can help you.

Deeper in this space you will find much inspired loveliness,  clothing ready made and things to have created to your specifications.

  Please note that we also produce and provide entertainment for EVENTS; special occasions, fashion shows,  theatrical rituals, etc...Encompassed in our embrace are yogis, healers, actors, circus performers, burlesque characters, superstar musicians, magickal children,  fantastic weddings and other celebrational resources...just inquire!

NOTE: YES!! ..of course we are GREEN!  we care very much about our mama earth and making sure she is around and healthy to continue to nurture and sustain all of our babies as she has us!  Give thanks and do your part to give back. Re-use, renew!  Plant trees!  Upcycle!  Inform thyself!

Most of our goods are made from upcycling* and/ or sustainably produced materials.  We buy American and produce in Oakland, California.  Light footprint, big love...

*better word than recycling, since we just keep getting better..the term upcycling comes from a wonderful book “Cradle to Cradle”, do read it if you can - some really smart guys wrote it.


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Lucid Dawn is Featured in Yoga Journal May 2008